Green, Solar and Energy Efficient Installations

Green, Solar and Energy Efficient Installations

Eberhard can turn your roof space into an energy resource that allows you to personally catch the power of the sun and transform it into the power of your company. The installment of Solar Power systems is far from a fashionable trend but is a sustainable technological advancement. It has recently become more economical for businesses to integrate solar power to decrease energy consumption costs and dependence on the grid.

Seeing that solar modules can have more than 25 years of endurance, it is imperative that they are paired with high performance based roofing. Partnered with our extensive roofing knowledge, Eberhard has become committed to customizing, installing and servicing these solar projects.

Technology Selection

Eberhard will evaluate the growing solar market styles and other energy options that will simultaneously suit your personal goals, your building’s atmosphere, and your roof’s design. Additionally, HVAC, lighting, and windows are optimizing contributors to the construction communities mission to have an environmental impact and lower energy consumption.

Eberhard will provide complete energy evaluation and services for your building including: feasibility and financial studies, design and engineering, and roofing and construction integration. We will work with you to improve your roof’s purpose; where it no longer just houses your business but creates business.