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Eberhard is proud to be one of the veteran families of the roofing, waterproofing and sheet metal trades. Our story began way back when a handshake was equitable to a signed contract. As time and materials progressed, so did our wealth of knowledge and technique. We hold ourselves accountable to the same values as we do our roofs, adaptable and dependable.

With more than a lifetime of work across generations, Eberhard operates with the steadfast understanding that we build to protect and preserve. Providing quality services, high performing materials, and proven expertise is the best way we know how to honor that undertaking.

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One of Eberhard’s most important assets is its employees for their vast array of skills, collaboration, and dedication. The team’s commitment to advancing their expertise in a wide variety of specializations allows us to customize a team best fit for the needs of each project. Eberhard feels a deep gratitude and confidence in our internal resources, suppliers, and collaborators to deliver high performing materials and systems.


our knowledge

As the industry and trades have matured, so has Eberhard. From the progression of technology and materials to business and design, Eberhard has too evolved to meet the growing industry demands and new opportunities. However, not without remaining loyal to our roots and original purpose, providing quality over quantity. We bring an unwavering understanding of our trades to each project and through the practice of transparency we foresee and prepare for obstacles that may arise. From the simplest to the most innovative ideas, we provide strategies and solutions that fulfill project demands.

our Quality

Having been part of the trades for 78 years we have developed strong, comprehensive relationships with our vendors and manufacturers. We know the ins and outs of all materials and their performance levels in different environments and applications. Above all, we understand that projects have many moving parts and collaborators, so our goal is to operate as a single unit with the best interest of the project at the forefront.

Always available, responsive, and immediately attentive to any concerns I have had. Your professionalism and work ethic are inspirational, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Safety Specialist, NNSS

“Your perseverance, dedication and true professionalism allowed the team to deliver a top-notch project that has been well received by both the owner and their customers. We are proud to have been part of this project and appreciate the tremendous effort from you and your team.”

CEO, Better Building Systems

Thanks for taking care of us this week on short notice, you guys did a great job.

Division Manager, Bombard Electric

“While walking through the Victorville central office, I looked at work that was, of course, above and beyond your call of duty. Your company always does the most exceptional job down to the finest detail. I don’t think I have ever walked a job and found anything that wasn’t just perfect.”

Real Estate Operations, Verizon California

This project, thru the dedicated efforts of all involved, is 100% complete, on time and on budget. Thank you all for the support to accomplish this very important project…Excellent work!

Project Manager, Technical Assurance

We are so happy that you have taken on this project as a partner with our school! I know our students and staff appreciate you as well as our administration.

Assistant Principal, Dean Petersen Elementary Zoom School

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