Multi-Discipline Waterproofing

Eberhard is proud to have collaborated with Hensel Phelps Construction on developing a structure described as “the first of its kind”. The mere size of the waterproofing package alone was unique and will be used as a template for the nation’s larger airports in the future.

Los Angeles Worldwide Airport Police Facility, Photo Credit: LAWA


Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA) Police Facility


The new $180 million, 547,160 sq LAWA Police Facility called for multiple different waterproofing applications and systems. In addition to below grade waterproofing and fluid applied air barriers, we coated exterior ledges and specified interior locations, applied hot rubber waterproofing over occupied spaces and sealed retaining walls/planters. The various applications called for great attention and collaboration across all teams.

This project required high level of security given the nature of the location and type of professional work. Cautionary security measures were put into place and abiding by them were vital to production and schedule.


Los Angeles, CA


Waterproofing; Below Grade Waterproofing, Fluid Applied Air Barrier, Exterior and Interior Waterproofing Coating, Hot Rubber Waterproofing, Retaining Walls and Planters