Weather Barrier System for Los Angeles Data Center

Eberhard collaborated on the new construction of the 51,000 sq. ft. CoreSite Los Angeles Data Center. Tasked with the install of an impenetrable waterproofing and insulation system, Eberhard’s crew maintained steady progress despite tight logistical demands and new challenges introduced by the pandemic.


CoreSite LA3 Data Center


Collaborating with DPR on CoreSite L.A. is one for the Eberhard history books. Proud to have been part of the collaborating construction teams, Eberhard focused on honoring the schedule while delivering top quality work.

Long lead items were released and procured ahead of the shell completion. Once the shell was completed Eberhard procured scaffolding and work to get the building weather tight to allow the interior work to continue.

A sharp eye was kept on material logistics due to a tight footprint and fabrication and shipping challenges introduced by the global pandemic. All materials were sorted in Eberhard’s yard and labeled for specific deliveries to the site daily. COVID did have it effects on the supply line for the project and impacted the field installations, but the project schedule was maintained. To maintain the schedule for TCO Eberhard’s installation time frame was cut in half from 8 weeks to 4 weeks with authorization to double our crew. The Eberhard team worked to install more than 300 aluminum panels in a 20-hour period off multiple boom lifts. The success of the shortened schedule was due to preplanning, layout, sorting material, scheduled deliveries, equipment access and the dedication of a field crew to work the extended hours, nights, and weekends. Eberhard was confident in our team’s ability to provide this level of production while maintaining top quality of standards.


Los Angeles, CA


Liquid Applied Air and Weather Barrier Membrane, Insulated Support Composite Girt System, Aluminum Composite Panel System, Extruded Aluminum Panel System, Equipment Screen Louvers, Expansion Joints, and General Sheet Metal Flashings