Roofing Las Vegas Luxury

This project is a standout, spectacularly beautiful new structure in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. It is and it will be for years to come. Eberhard Southwest was specifically chosen by W.R. Richardson Contractors for their ability to keep up with and produce a project of this size and caliber. With roofing insulation up to 2 feet in thickness followed by Lightweight insulating concrete having to be pumped more than 200 feet straight up the side of the building, the logistics alone required project management of the highest skill and ability.

Las Vegas Resorts World, Photo Credit: Eberhard Southwest


Las Vegas Resorts World


Teaming with Carlisle Syn Tec Systems the TPO roofing material manufacture, Eberhard Southwest, installed the Carlisle 60 mil TPO, Apeel membrane.  The Apeel allows construction foot traffic across the roof areas while the building is being built and keeps the roof membrane clean.  Once complete, the Apeel layer is removed, and the owner has a brand new, clean roofing system.

This hotel has many levels of outdoor area offering scenic views of the Las Vegas strip from restaurants and lounges.  These decks required waterproofing that would protect enormous and unique shopping area operating below them.  Once waterproofing was complete, a paver system consisting of ceramic pavers 2’x2’x3/4”.  A total of 33,000 of these pavers were cut, set on stainless steel trays and leveled with a pedestal system allowing the smallest of adjustments to insure a perfectly level surface.  The result was well beyond what the owner could have imagined.

The safety challenges for a project of this magnitude are nothing new to our team.  With highly skilled union roofing and waterproofing craftsman, our safety director was able to work with them and stay well out ahead of the ever-changing elements and requirements of the project.  That said, the best laid plans and most comprehensive planning almost never hold up once a project of the size it started.  Eberhard Southwest Roofing project manager Tom Trent was fulltime onsite to insure we were where the general contractor needed us to be when they needed us there.  Tom’s experience proved invaluable as the project progressed and became more and more complicated.  Teamwork is all part of what sets us apart from other contractors in our industry.

The property the new Resorts World is built on has one of the richest histories in Las Vegas.  Originally this entire property was the famous Stardust Hotel and Casino.  The Stardust opened in 1958 and saw such talents as Siegfried and Roy, Don Rickles, the Rat Pack and so many others.  When it opened it was the largest hotel/casino in Las Vegas.  No one could have imagined the spectacular project like Resorts World would be built on such hallowed ground.


Las Vegas, Nevada


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