Licensed in California, Nevada and Arizona, look to the Eberhard group of companies for excellence in all we do.


Eberhard applies its many years of industry experience to thoroughly manage and deliver large- and small-scale projects through to completion, meeting project demands within the parameters of project budget and schedule. Balancing our specialty trades: roofing, waterproofing, sheet metal and mechanical allows us to provide custom-built teams that meet specific project needs and whom are prepared to resolve extensive challenges that may arise.


Eberhard’s roofing work takes us from one extreme to the other, providing service and repair work to a variety of customers and projects. Having been in the industry since 1945, our leadership and teams have an innate understanding of the trade across all platforms. Our deep knowledge of design, techniques, materials and equipment enables us to execute projects properly and responsibly.


From water repellent coating to complex waterproofing applications, Eberhard’s waterproofing skill-set spans across countless different waterproofing installations. Eberhard’s approach is founded on the understanding that waterproofing is fundamental to holding buildings together decade after decade. We leave nothing to chance. Only tried and true products, installed by our experienced Eberhard crews, will suffice.

sheet metal

Where there is roofing there is sheet metal. Eberhard separates itself from the competition in owning, operating and managing its own full-service sheet metal shop. Our in-house design team uses the latest technology in computer generated design and fabrication providing us the ability to computer manage tolerances and customize and form architectural sheet metal to meet each project’s needs and specifications. We fabricate and install the appropriate metal for the job, designed specifically for that job.


Eberhard’s design-build team can transform the most complicated mechanical requirement into an efficient and cost-effective heating, ventilation and air conditioning installation that not only addresses the current building’s needs, but future growth as well. Eberhard incorporates a wide array of mechanical resources from a CAD-assisted sheet metal fabrication shop to certified welders and factory-trained service technicians, these attributes working to accomplish your project objectives.

Eberhard can design the right system for any project including new construction, equipment retrofit, capacity upgrade or total replacement of aging building systems to accomplish sophisticated but user-friendly control specifications.

specialty services

Eberhard works on a project on project basis to conscientiously adapt our resources to fit your specialty construction projects. In addition to our complete understanding of our specialty trades and versatile application offerings, we work with you to minimize occupant disruptions.

roof maintenance program

Avoid “crisis management” with Eberhard’s Roof Maintenance Program. An improperly maintained roofing systems are the leading cause of premature roof failure which can lead to downtime and inventory damage and thousands of dollars in completely unnecessary expenses. An appropriate roof maintenance program — designed specifically for your new or existing roof — can protect your assets and roofing investment.

Sustainable Solutions

Eberhard can turn your roof space into an energy resource that allows you to personally catch the power of the sun and transform it into the power of your company. It has recently become more economical for businesses to integrate solar power to decrease energy consumption costs and dependence on the grid. Eberhard will provide complete energy evaluation and services for your building including feasibility and financial studies, design and engineering, and roofing and construction integration. We will work with you to improve your roof’s purpose; where it no longer just houses your business but creates business.