Thank you everyone who participated in our industry’s 2023 Construction Safety Week. It’s a serious topic that we tackled with the respect it deserves while simultaneously sharing a lot of laughs. American Red Cross came out and trained us on First Aid and Adult and Pediatric CPR. There were a handful of big takeaways and strategies from that day that can be applied at work and at home.

1) The Check, Call, Care approach. If someone needs help, remember to assess the situation, call, or get someone to call an emergency dispatcher, and begin actively taking care of their injuries or illnesses. This all happens in a matter of seconds, so it’s nice to have this short and sweet “To Do List” memorized.

2) Get the American Red Cross App. There are a lot of helpful tips that can support you when assisting a person in need. You may or may not have time to reference it in an emergency, but it’s a great learning tool to help refresh your First Aid and CPR knowledge.

3) Have a Safety Plan. It’s important for our Eberhard team to know what first aid supplies and equipment are available when an emergency presents itself. Familiarity with first aid supply inventory and location can provide precious time to apply lifesaving treatment.

4) Summer is coming, and Water Safety is a must. When someone is pulled out of water and in need of CPR start with giving them breaths before compressions. This helps clear their lungs of water.

If you have the opportunity to become First Aid and CPR certified, make sure to take it!