Hi Eberhard family and friends! It brings me great pleasure to report back on Once Upon A Room‘s Pancakes & Pajamas brunch where we learned more about the inspiration behind their mission and the positive impact they’re making on innocent little lives.

Once Upon A Room is an organization determined to encourage happiness and healing for children that are temporarily and continually hospitalized across the country. They work tirelessly on expanding their reach “to provide personalized hospital room makeovers and in-hospital and outpatient events” for children, teens, and infants.

Happiness and kindness are powerful and after spending a few hours with Once Upon a Room that became even more obvious. The decorations and toys pediatric patients are surprised with facilitate moments full of laughter, smiles, and comfort. They serve as a tool for these children and their families, bringing them the security of home which can directly impact their healing journey and quality of life.

Once Upon a Room has also created a Junior Room Crew. They work with tons of high school students who have gravitated towards their cause on fundraising and field trips to the hospitals. Their youthful and positive energy bring an extra dose of smiles to the little ones.

If you have a moment to spare, follow Once Upon a Room on social media or subscribe to their newsletter. You won’t be disappointed when the positive news and happy faces pop up in your inbox.

Without further delay, please check out Josie Hull’s video. (Click here.) Josie shares her story which is at the very heart of Once Upon a Room’s mission.